Vertiv has named Wojtek Piorko as its new managing director for Africa. Wojtek was the company’s South East Africa regional head before he was named to his new job. Pierre Havenga is leaving Vertiv at the end of June after 12 years as the strategic leader for the area. He is now taking over for him.

“Wojtek joined the Middle East and Africa (MEA) team eight years ago. In that time, he has worked in many different jobs and parts of the world, meeting every challenge with success. Havenga said, “I’ve always been able to count on him, and no job was ever too big or too hard for him.” “Wojtek is a good boss in many ways, and we like that he puts people first. I’m very happy to pass the baton to him so he can take Vertiv’s business in Africa to the next level.

As managing director for Vertiv Africa, Piorko will be in charge of business growth and market penetration, as well as orders, income, and profit goals. He will manage, coordinate, and optimize the commercial activity in the region, balancing the whole portfolio to improve customer satisfaction in Africa while putting the go-to-market strategy into place with the help of the different functional leaders.

Piorko will lead the sales, service, operations, and technical solutions teams in Africa, as well as the finance, HR, IT, legal, and marketing teams, to build a strong team and help Vertiv reach its goals in the area.

“First of all, I want to thank Pierre for being a mentor, a leader, and a person who cares about our people in Africa. “Under his direction, I’ve learned a lot, and as a team, we’ve made a lot of progress in business and talent in a region that is growing quickly and is important from a strategic point of view,” said Wojtek. “In the future, I will keep working to improve our work in Africa and find new ways to give the best customer service and grow the best talent in our business.”

Vertiv’s president for EMEA, Karsten Winther, said, “We are grateful for Pierre’s tireless dedication, energy, and commitment, as well as for his role in helping businesses and people grow.” In return, we wish Wojtek the best of luck with his new job. I am sure that Wojtek will do a great job in his new job because he has worked in Africa before and has been successful for a long time.

In 2001, Piorko started working at Vertiv as the sales manager for Poland, the Baltics, Ukraine, and Belarus. He got his degree from the school of Mechanics, Robotics, and Aeronautical Engineering at the Technical University of Warsaw. He has worked in telecom and IT and other fields for more than 25 years, giving him a lot of technical and management knowledge.


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