McGraw Hill has announced that two prestigious Egyptian institutions, Rajac International School and OWN Heliopolis School, intend to expand their use of McGraw Hill’s cutting-edge digital content for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

The new agreements broaden McGraw Hill’s existing relationships with the institutions, which already use McGraw Hill’s Inspire Science, Reveal Math, and Wonders reading programs with their students.

These multi-year agreements provide students with personalized learning experiences through McGraw Hill’s digital learning platforms, including ConnectEd and Online Learning Platform (OLP).

Rajac International School strives to provide the highest quality educational experience possible in order to raise a generation of youth capable of meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing and highly demanding world. The agreement with Rajac International School was signed in the presence of School Principal Shereen Kassem, senior representatives from McGraw Hill, and Modern English Bookshop, a key delivery partner for McGraw Hill in Egypt who was instrumental in putting this deal together.

“We are honored to have worked with McGraw Hill for more than three years,” Shereen A. Kassem, American School Principal at Rajac International School, said. “We have been using their platforms on a daily basis for class activities, learning instruction, and performance evaluation of students to improve their skills and concepts. Furthermore, McGraw Hill’s professional development is strongly aligned with 21st century learning skills and has greatly aided us in improving our teachers’ knowledge and learning styles.”

OWN Heliopolis School is committed to a student-centered program that promotes academic excellence through an enriched, inter-disciplinary curriculum, ensuring that students develop into critical thinkers, active problem solvers, interested readers, thorough researchers, and creative writers. Mr. Hany Sedrak, Chairman of OWN Heliopolis School, and senior representatives from McGraw Hill and Modern English Bookshop signed the agreement with OWN Heliopolis School at a ceremony.

“For many years, McGraw Hill has been a strategic educational partner for OWN Heliopolis School. The two organizations have decided to expand their collaboration with a multi-year agreement that will provide McGraw Hill resources as well as the benefits of exceptional professional development to our teachers “Mark Sedrak, School Director at OWN Heliopolis School, agreed.

“In recent years, Rajac International School and OWN Heliopolis School took bold steps by introducing digital content to their students in math, science, and reading,” said Kareem Kirollos, Sales Director at Modern English Bookshop. “After several years, their digital transformation has matured, paving the way for an expansion of their work with McGraw Hill. At both schools, we are proud to have been a part of this journey.”

“Across grades K through 12, Rajac International School and OWN Heliopolis School are well-established and respected players in the Egyptian international education landscape, and we are delighted to see our partnership with them grow and flourish,” said Nanice Khalil, Sales Director for EASTMED at McGraw Hill. “We’ve had great success in implementing digital learning for math, science, and English language across all school grades over the last three years. We are excited about the future of these collaborations and how we can use technology and invest in professional development to continue to improve learning outcomes.”


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