Telecom Egypt has announced the signing of a commercial agreement for national roaming services with Orange Egypt.

The five-year arrangement, which runs through the end of 2027, will ensure that Telecom Egypt continues to offer its customers with high-quality voice and data mobile network coverage across the country.

This arrangement follows Orange Egypt’s victory in the tender for national roaming services given by Telecom Egypt to all mobile network operators owing to the nearing expiration of the present agreement. In terms of value and return, Orange Egypt provided the best technical and financial bid.

This new deal includes a range of competitive, technical, and economic benefits that will help Telecom Egypt improve its services and strengthen its position in the Egyptian mobile market. It should be noted that the existing deal, which expires in December 2022, allowed Telecom Egypt to provide mobile services for the first time in 2017.

Furthermore, because of the unique business model and stringent operational requirements included in the service-level agreement, the deal constitutes a key milestone in the two firms’ strategic connections. It also demonstrates Telecom Egypt’s ongoing commitment to providing high-quality mobile services, as well as Orange Egypt’s ongoing desire to leverage cutting-edge technology capabilities to do so.

“This move underlines the depth of the strategic cooperation between Telecom Egypt and Orange Egypt, as well as both businesses’ eagerness to promote telecom services in the Egyptian market,” said Adel Hamed, Managing Director, and CEO of Telecom Egypt.

“The new milestone will solidify our position as a strong contender in the mobile market by providing technical, commercial, and financial benefits, including financial savings for our mobile call costs beginning in 2023, which will improve the business line and, as a result, the overall margin, in line with our growing customer base. Simultaneously, Telecom Egypt is dedicated to increasing its mobile network coverage by establishing mobile sites throughout Egypt in order to deliver superior”.

“We are thrilled with signing this new agreement, which increases the strategic collaboration between both businesses and supports our plans to deliver the newest ICT services in the Egyptian market,” said Yasser Shaker, CEO and Managing Director of Orange Egypt.

“Orange Egypt is eager to increase investments in order to improve and upgrade its networks in accordance with the most recent global technology in order to fulfill evolving consumer demands.”


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