Baron and Cabot, a UK-based international real estate firm, has introduced a game-changing concept: a UK property portal with a strategic expansion plan for African real estate agencies.

The innovative approach is a first of its kind, utilizing AI technology to predict property prices, and will enable African real estate agents to sell properties while earning in pounds, providing an unprecedented opportunity for growth and financial success. Real estate firms will be able to de-risk their investments in international markets and gain access to a diverse range of fully compliant properties by using this portal.

With a reputation for being one of the world’s fastest-growing property companies and transacting on around £100 million GBP per annum ($120 million) of UK property while having access to some of the best property developments in the UK, Baron & Cabot has been especially successful in Africa due to inflation driving clients to move their money into GBP and Dollar to purchase assets.

“We are very excited to be launching this innovative concept, which will not only provide a platform for African real estate agents to sell UK properties, but will also create job opportunities and drive economic growth. We believe that by using AI technology to predict property prices, we can give our partners a competitive advantage and assist them in achieving financial success. Our plans for joint venture expansion are aimed at forming mutually beneficial partnerships that will benefit all parties involved.” – Mark Pearson, Baron & Cabot’s Managing Director.

In addition to providing new revenue streams for agents, Baron and Cabot’s property portal is expected to create new job opportunities in the African market. The company is committed to providing comprehensive 2 to 4 week training and support to its agents in order for them to succeed in their new roles. This training will ensure that agents have the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the real estate market and capitalize on the opportunities presented by Baron and Cabot’s concept. Real estate agents will be able to reserve properties, and Baron and Cabot will guide the client through the legal process.

As part of its offering, Baron and Cabot will offer mortgages anywhere in the world (excluding war zones), with mortgage rates as low as 6% and deposits as low as 35%, making it easier for clients to invest in UK properties.

Baron & Cabot’s Managing Director, Mark Pearson, stated, “Our property management company has an impressive occupancy rate of more than 99%, with properties on the market for new tenants for an average of only 10 days. This distinguishes us from other cities worldwide, where the average occupancy rate is only 70%. Furthermore, our AirBnB or short-term rental products have an average occupancy rate of more than 70%, resulting in significant rental returns and a secure investment. Our secret to success is our ability to identify high-demand areas with low supply, combined with exceptional management that ensures the satisfaction of both our tenants and landlords.”

Baron and Cabot analyzes millions of lines of data to identify the best investment locations and pockets of value for clients using advanced machine learning and data processing. With access to information such as the square footage of every property in England and every sold price of every residential property in the United Kingdom since 1997, as well as economic forecasts, government investment plans, and knowledge of upcoming transport links for the next five years, Baron and Cabot is ahead of the curve when it comes to investments. This provides investors with the opportunity to benefit not only from the firm’s purchasing power and large discounts, but also from massive rental growth and capital growth.


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