‘A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix,’ by renowned energy lawyer and author NJ Ayuk, has reached a new milestone, securing the prestigious #1 spot on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. Ayuk’s book has captured readers worldwide with its smart and fascinating tale, spurring critical dialogues about energy poverty and the urgent need for a just and sustainable transformation.

The release, which has received critical acclaim, is the most recent of Ayuk’s books to become best-sellers. Previous novels, such as the 2020 release ‘Billions at Play,’ were enormously successful. Similarly, A Just Transition broke records just days after its release, with the most recent Wall Street Journal milestone emphasizing the importance of addressing energy poverty and implementing a just energy transition, as well as solidifying Ayuk’s reputation as an authoritative voice and trusted expert in the energy field.

The book is a groundbreaking plan for reshaping the energy landscape and addressing the serious issue of energy poverty, which affects billions of people worldwide, by providing crucial insights into the state of play in the African energy sector. Ayuk investigates the inherent problems and opportunities in achieving an equitable and inclusive energy transition through extensive research and real-world case studies.

Drawing from his extensive experience as the CEO of the pan-African legal and advisory firm Centurion Law Group and the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber – a platform which serves as the voice of the African energy sector ­– Ayuk delves into the complex dynamics of the energy industry, shedding light on the disparities and injustices prevalent in both developed and developing nations. He proposes practical solutions, maintaining the significant role natural gas plays in Africa’s energy future and emphasizing the critical role of a diverse energy mix in eradicating energy poverty and creating a sustainable future.

The book’s rise to the top of the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list highlights the growing recognition of the importance of energy access and justice in the global discourse. Ayuk’s expertise and engaging writing style have resonated with readers from diverse backgrounds, including policymakers, industry leaders, academics, and concerned citizens passionate about creating positive change. For years, African stakeholders have been calling for the recognition and respect by the global community for Africa’s position in global energy discourse, and Ayuk’s energy transition-focused publication drives the African narrative, shedding light on the continent’s energy dilemma, priorities and needs.

“I am deeply honored by the overwhelming response to ‘A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix.‘ This recognition signifies a collective realization that we must address energy poverty with urgency and fairness. Africa is an energy-rich continent, and while global pressures to abandon fossil fuels continue to mount, this book puts into perspective the crucial role oil and gas will continue to play in Africa, and the growing need for Africa to adopt its own path to the energy transition,” stated Ayuk, adding that, “By using every energy resource at our disposal, increasing investment across the entire African energy value chain, and prioritizing local content and capacity building, together, we can build a future where everyone has access to reliable and sustainable energy.”

‘A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix’ continues to make waves in the publishing world, inspiring individuals and organizations to take action and advocate for transformative energy policies. With its visionary ideas and pragmatic approach, the book stands as a powerful catalyst for change, offering hope and a roadmap toward a just energy future.


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