With effect from 1 November 2022, Nomaswazi Nkosi has been appointed to the position of Public Relations Specialist by Jaguar Land Rover South Africa.

Nomaswazi has experience working in the media field; she began her career as a print journalist at the Sowetan before going on to Pretoria News to work as a multimedia reporter. When she joined Ndalo Media as a senior content producer, she changed her attention to digital media. She also played a key role in the establishment of Mentorfeed, a website that offers mentorship options for aspiring and rising entrepreneurs.

She graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a BA in journalism and from Stellenbosch University with a BPhil in journalism. Nomaswazi’s years spent as a newspaper writer stoked her love for social justice, which led her to pursue an MA in Applied Human Rights at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, England, which she finished in 2020. Prior to joining Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, she accepted the role of accounts director at the news and media firm explain.co.za upon her return to South Africa.

Izak Louw, who will return to Product and Pricing, is replaced by Nomaswazi. Izak has been a crucial member of the communications team, using his in-depth product expertise to respond quickly to technical questions, maintain frequent media relations, and organize effective media releases for numerous Jaguar and Land Rover models.

You can now direct any regular media comments, questions, requests, or large ideas to Nomaswazi instead of Izak. She looks forward to building on Izak’s achievements and maintaining the connections he has made.


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