The Further Advisory Council, established by Jaguar Land Rover, intends to push the envelope of what is possible and contribute to the development of the company’s long-term vision for contemporary luxury.

Further will offer startling ideas guiding the future path of contemporary luxury for the Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar brands beyond 2040 by examining political, cultural, technological, and societal developments. Additionally, it will aid in the company’s transition to Industry 5.0, a vision of the industry that emphasizes the importance of industry to society in addition to efficiency and productivity as its primary aims.

The Advisory Council is made up of a selected group of global futurists and experts from eight distinct non-automotive fields, including cyborg anthropology, sustainability, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, business investment, health and wellbeing, and the metaverse. They collaborate with the Jaguar Land Rover Board of Directors.

Further will contribute to Jaguar Land Rover’s perspective on long-term innovations, opportunities, and ideas crucial to future customers by investigating what the future may look like for Generation Alpha* and beyond.

According to François Dossa, Executive Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Jaguar Land Rover, “creating distinctive, customized experiences for the most discriminating clients is one of the basic concepts of Jaguar Land Rover’s vision of modern luxury. It was an honor to discuss potential futures and how the possibilities might affect the way of life, aspirations, and demands of our future clientele with such amazing global thought leaders. This initiative will support Jaguar Land Rover in being audacious and creative in how we run our company to serve future generations”.

The most coveted premium cars and experiences will be produced by Jaguar Land Rover as part of its Reimagine plan. As part of its commitment to becoming carbon net zero by 2039, Jaguar Land Rover is making the move to an electric-first enterprise. The first Range Rover vehicles will be all-electric starting in 2024, and the new Jaguar brand will follow suit starting in 2025.


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