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Ivorian E-commerce Startup, ANKA, Appoints Morin Oluwole as Strategic Advisor

Morin Oluwole has been named as the first Strategic Advisor for Ivorian e-commerce firm ANKA. Morin is the Worldwide Luxury Director at Meta, where she oversees a global business team and is an active participant in the Women@ Meta and Black@ Meta employee resource groups.
Morin will contribute her expertise to ANKA by assisting with the overall team’s strategic development, product development, and ecosystem.

Morin has spent her career in positions of leadership in global marketing, partnerships, and innovation, guiding businesses at the forefront of technological and creative transformation. Her professional understanding of management, business development, and team building makes her an obvious option to steer ANKA’s Pan-African and worldwide expansion plan. Her excellent knowledge of management, business development, and team building will expand the company’s activities throughout developing countries.

Morin Oluwole said “Growth and innovation are testament to ANKA’s success. The company and its incredibly talented team are taking immense strides in building out what has undoubtedly become a leading e-commerce platform, and I am honoured to advise on this journey. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the global business and commerce sectors, whilst working alongside Moulaye and the ANKA team to further develop the world of e-commerce that ANKA is revolutionizing.”

Founded in 2016 originally as Afrikrea, an online marketplace for selling and buying African-inspired clothing, accessories, arts and crafts, ANKA  (meaning “Ours” in Bambara and Djoula) aims to position the brand as the cognitive referent for African commerce. The platform launched the first of its kind all-in-one SaaS solution to provide a seamless e-commerce service for African micro-retailers in 2021, exporting literally “all things made of Africa ” to a global audience. ANKA has seen its retailer base grow by 300%  to date, with the platforms currently recording over 1,2M visits a month and the majority of customers located in Europe and North America.

Speaking on the new advisor appointment, Moulaye Tabouré, CEO and Co-Founder of ANKA said, “With almost two decades worth of experience at Meta and in the technology sphere, Morin will provide an unparalleled perspective making her a key asset to ANKA. As we seek to strengthen and increase our reach across African and international markets, these skills will prove invaluable, allowing us to open up new opportunities for our customers and stakeholders. I’m thrilled to welcome Morin as a Strategic Advisor”.



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