Samsung Electronics and Google have expanded their collaboration to advance smart home interoperability.

Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets will be able to seamlessly integrate Matter-compatible devices into the SmartThings and Google Home ecosystems as a result of this development.

Previously, smart homeowners encountered difficulties when attempting to use their devices across multiple ecosystems. Connecting devices across ecosystems usually necessitated multiple steps across multiple apps to link accounts, which did not always work in both directions.
Users had to remember which apps and interfaces could be used to control or automate a device. The Matter standard’s multi-admin capabilities lay the groundwork for connecting devices directly to multiple apps and ecosystems, giving consumers more options.

Samsung and Google are advancing multi-admin, allowing Android users to use the SmartThings and Google Home apps to locate, connect, and control Matter-enabled devices.

When users launch the SmartThings app, they will be alerted to Matter devices that have been configured with Google Home and given the option to easily add those devices to SmartThings, and vice versa. The devices are now always available, whether users want to control their smart home with the SmartThings app or a Google Nest Hub.

Users will no longer have to manually add each of their devices or worry about which ecosystem their device was initially configured on.

“Samsung values its partnership with Google as the largest Android developer. According to Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, “this new multi-admin feature is a natural progression in our evolution as partners, allowing us to better support our massive user base with both Samsung and Google products.” “Both SmartThings and Google are committed to empowering users to control their own devices. This collaboration builds on that commitment by improving the user experience and promoting ecosystem transparency.”

“We recognize that with the launch of Matter, there will be new requirements for smart home connectivity. “We are proud to partner with Samsung Electronics to provide new and existing smart home users with their first look at the future of the smart home and the ease of use that comes with it,” said Matthew McCullough, Vice President, Product Management, Android Developer at Google.


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