Prudential and Google Cloud have formed a strategic alliance to improve health and financial inclusion in Asian and African communities.

This collaboration provides an opportunity to make the protection, health, and savings solutions more simple and accessible throughout Asia and Africa.

Pulse is part of Prudential’s multi-channel strategy to improve access to healthcare and financial inclusion. The app gives users access to services like health risk assessment and online doctor consultation to help them better manage their health needs, as well as digital wealth tools to help them make financial decisions1. Pulse is available in 17 different markets and 11 other languages.

“Across our markets, people are living longer, but not necessarily healthier and better,” said Solmaz Altin, Managing Director, Strategic Business Group, Prudential. ” We want to empower people to live well for longer by making it easier for them to take care of their health and plan for their financial futures by leveraging technology”

“Through this strategic partnership, we will leverage new technology solutions to make the Pulse platform more intelligent and engaging in order to reach out to more people across Asia and Africa, particularly those who do not have easy access to health and financial information and services.”

The announcement strengthens Prudential’s existing relationship with Google, which began in 2019. Prudential uses Google Maps in the Pulse application, and additional collaborations with Google Health, Document AI, and Fitbit are being considered to improve efficiency, functionality, and user engagement.

Prudential expects to benefit from Google’s suite of data analytics, AI, and machine learning tools, including Kubeflow, Looker, BigQuery, and Vertex AI, to improve customer interactions and provide more personalized, accurate healthcare information and education to Pulse app users.

In the long run, Prudential will look to incorporate Google’s AI into a broader digital strategy to simplify insurance access, drive greater efficiency, and boost agent productivity. Prudential, for example, aims to use data to help its agents better understand the needs of their customers by utilizing technology such as advanced analytics and AI. It also intends to improve customer satisfaction by digitizing the entire claims process, making a submission, assessment, and approval more seamless and efficient.

“At Google Cloud, our goal is to help our enterprise customers use technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Prudential is an important partner of ours and a leading insurer that has been protecting lives worldwide for nearly 175 years. Our collaboration will make it easier for people to safeguard their health and protect their finances in the long run by providing them with easily accessible digital tools.”

Prudential has over 530,000 agents in 23 Asian and African markets and over 170 bancassurance partners with access to approximately 27,600 bank branches, serving over 19 million customers.


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