FedEx Express, the world’s largest express carrier, and a New York Stock Exchange-listed company has announced a strategic shift in the Egyptian market, delivering its services directly in the country to address the country’s growing demand for international air freight services.

FedEx Express has been facilitating business in Egypt since 1994, providing international delivery solutions and services through local service providers, most notably Egypt Express since 1998. Its direct presence in Egypt will help local companies and customers from various sectors facilitate their business operations, providing extensive international coverage to and from more than 220 different countries and regions covered by FedEx, while Egypt Express will continue to provide local delivery solutions and services.

Egypt’s exports in 2021 rose to $31 billion, reaching the highest level in history. With nearly 50 years of global experience in the shipping and logistics sector, as well as specialized services, advanced technological solutions, FedEx will provide outstanding services to meet the growing commercial requirements of the e-commerce and technology markets, as well as the energy, chemical, textile, clothing, food processing, petrochemical and other sectors.  

Jack Meuse, FedEx Express Regional President for the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa, said: “We are now closer to our customers than ever before, providing direct communication with a dedicated FedEx support team, a vast range of international services, and advanced digital solutions to meet the demands of our customers around the world. This strategic expansion in Egypt will help local companies reach more markets and a larger segment of new customers around the world, thereby supporting the Sustainable Development Goals within the Egyptian State’s Vision 2030 to diversify the national economy.”

“Egypt’s GDP reached nearly $406 billion in 2021, with Egypt the third-largest market in the Middle East and Africa,[2] and its strategic location in Africa and its proximity to the Middle East, The Continent of Europe, and the Asian continent play a prominent role in making it the main gateway to international trade in the region. Thanks to positive developments in Egypt’s logistics sector, many companies have announced their intention to move or expand their production lines within Egypt, providing many business opportunities for shipping companies such as FedEx.” 

FedEx will continue to work closely with Egypt Express, which will provide pick-up, delivery, and customs clearance procedures across the republic. We are proud to see FedEx expand its presence in Egypt. This expansion is a testament to the tremendous impact that Egypt Express has had in providing FedEx’s international services in the country since 1998. Egypt Express will continue to support FedEx by providing its state-of-the-art infrastructure at Egypt’s newly opened 13,000-square-meter cargo center within Cairo International Airport, operating 51 retail locations in 25 provinces, and using more than 360 vehicles to serve the company’s operations in Egypt.” 

FedEx Express services are provided in all provinces in Egypt and are easily accessible through any of the 51 parcel delivery sites across the country.


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