Falcon Aerospace Limited, a Nigerian business aviation operator, has revealed innovations aimed at making business jet booking easier and more inclusive. The items were shown during a recent event in Lagos, Nigeria, where the company also unveiled its operating business segments.
Falcon Aerospace’s business strategy, according to CEO Chukwuerika Achum, stems from rising demand for business aviation by more Africans doing business across and outside Africa, as well as non-Africans traveling into the continent for business and tourism.

“We are proud of our African heritage and are deeply committed to the development of the continent.” “As an organization with deep African roots and values, we have a significant understanding of the African business landscape,” Achum added.

He went on to say that the company’s obsession with innovation has led it to develop goods aimed at providing more value to customers.

“Through our business units, we aim to make a difference in an often exclusive and elusive market by providing excellent customer service, technological adaptation, inclusive customer targeting, and continuous innovation.”

Vivajets, CharterXE, and FlyPJX are the business units presented by Falcon Aerospace at the event.

Vivajets is a full-service commercial aviation company that offers charter brokerage, fractional ownership, aircraft management, sales and leasing, consulting, and training. Vivajets is the company’s operational brand, and it will work with regulators and other key industry stakeholders to get the permits, certifications, and licenses required for the group to operate.

CharterXE is an automated private jet booking platform that provides access to the company’s charter brokerage services through digital devices. Available as a mobile app and also via web, CharterXE leverages cutting edge technological innovation to cut through all the physical hassles involved in booking a private jet.

FlyPJX is a charter per seat booking platform designed to provide access to all the luxury of private jet service without needing to book the entire aircraft. It provides important information and flight schedules that enable the user to select preferences.

From its base in Nigeria, Falcon Aero plans to extend its operations to other African countries with West and East Africa being focus regions. The firm also operates both local and international routes.

“Tonight, we are heralding a new future of possibilities in the African business aviation market,” said Tejumade Salami, head of business excellence.

According to Salami, Falcon Aero aims to ‘democratize’ business aviation and make the service accessible and affordable to more people.

Director of Air Transport Regulation at Nigeria’s National Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Chris Najomo, commended Falcon Aero for introducing innovations into the business aviation market. He also stressed the importance of regulation.

“I commend Mr. Achum and his team for putting these products and this events together. Falcon Aero has also taken serious steps to ensure all permits, licences and certifications necessary for smooth operations are obtained,” Najomo said.


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