Cooperation regarding knowledge sharing, skill development, project deployment, and financing with global parties is vital, as Africa seeks to maximize the exploitation of its entire resource base, including oil, gas, coal, and renewable energy, for a secure and sustainable energy mix that will support the continent’s efforts to accelerate electrification and drive socioeconomic development. To accelerate Africa’s transition to a more sustainable energy mix, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) is pleased to promote collaboration between African energy policymakers, companies, and investors with global industry stakeholders.

In this regard, the AEC is pleased to announce that a delegation from Saudi Arabia, the world’s leading hydrocarbon producer and exporter, will join African and global energy industry players at the African Energy Week (AEW) conference and exhibition, which will be held from October 18 to 21 in Cape Town.

The Saudi delegation’s presence at AEW 2022, Africa’s largest gathering of energy players, will be critical in shaping discussions about the challenges and opportunities for the oil and gas industry during the energy transition.

With the African continent aiming to maximize the development and exploitation of its estimated 125.3 billion barrels of crude oil and 620 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves in order to lift over 600 million people out of energy poverty, the Saudi delegation’s attendance and participation in high-level AEW 2022 panel discussions and meetings will be critical in assisting the continent in developing best practices to optimize the hydrocarbons industry and deliver a just and equitable future.

Representing one of the world’s largest oil and gas reserve holders, as well as one of the most established hydrocarbons markets, the presence of a Saudi delegation at AEW 2022, will be important for driving dialogue around how Africa can boost exploration investments, production activities, infrastructure rollout across the midstream and downstream sectors as well as enhance the use and monetization of hydrocarbon resources to make energy poverty history across the continent by 2030 whilst improving gross domestic product growth and contributing towards global energy security.

“I want to thank HRH Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Salman for ensuring that Saudi Arabia is not only present but lead in key discussions. We are honored to be hosting the delegation from Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s biggest energy markets, to speak about the importance of oil and gas resources in developing and exploiting a sustainable energy mix. We believe Africa has a lot to learn from Saudi Arabia regarding how to handle its vast oil and gas resources for energy security and socioeconomic growth. At AEW 2022, representatives from Saudi Arabia will speak about how Africa can drill more oil and gas wells and build more refineries and pipelines whilst reducing emissions for energy independence, reliability, and affordability,” states NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the AEC.

Under the theme ‘Exploring and Investing in Africa’s Energy Future while Driving an Enabling Environment’, AEW 2022 will host representatives from Saudi Arabia’s energy sector in exclusive networking sessions and various forums around the future of the hydrocarbon industry.


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