The African Energy Chamber (AEC) has announced Emirates as the official international airline partner for African Energy Week (AEW), which will take place in Cape Town from October 16 to 20.
This agreement marks an important milestone in the airline’s commitment to promoting Africa’s energy sector and fostering sustainable development.

Emirates will offer exclusive discounts to event attendees, increasing accessibility and encouraging participation. Emirates, as an airline partner, will provide discounted fares on Business Class and Economy Class roundtrip flights, making it easier for delegates to travel to AEW and participate in Africa’s top energy event.

Emirates hopes to encourage participation from industry executives, policymakers, and investors by offering exclusive price concessions, enabling robust engagement and collaboration throughout the event. Furthermore, Emirates’ commitment to AEW goes beyond its function as an airline partner. Emirates understands the importance of connecting global stakeholders with Africa’s energy sector, and these discounted fares help to promote information exchange, facilitate business possibilities, and drive sustainable development in the African energy industry.

“The Chamber is thrilled to have Emirates on board as a partner for African Energy Week. This partnership not only signifies the international recognition and importance of the event but also highlights the significance of the energy sector in Africa. With Emirates’ support, we can further enhance the accessibility and reach of AEW, attracting key stakeholders and facilitating meaningful discussions on Africa’s energy future. Together, we are fostering an environment of connectivity, investment, and sustainable development for the benefit of Africa and its people,” said, NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC, adding that “Without the attendance of stakeholders, industry leaders, energy makers and delegates at such events, the opportunity for collaborations, signed deals, and the flourishing of Africa’s energy sector is not possible. That’s why the partnership with Emirates is of utmost importance as it enables us to bring people to these events.”


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