Nigerian Breweries (NB) and CrossBoundary Energy announced the start of two renewable energy projects in Nigeria. This $10 million project is one of Nigeria’s greatest renewable energy ventures.

CrossBoundary Energy will increase the renewable energy system at NB’s Ibadan Brewery from a 663 kWp solar PV plant to a 3 MWp solar PV system and a 2 MW/2 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). Ama brewery will get a 4 MWp solar PV facility and 2 MW/2 MWh BESS. The solar plants will supply Ibadan and Ama breweries with 10 GWh annually at a discount. This project will minimize CO2 emissions by 100,000 tons throughout the plants’ lifetime.

CrossBoundary Energy will fully finance the Ibadan and Ama renewable energy plants and run them as part of a 15-year solar services deal with NB. Under the deal, NB will only pay for solar power produced, receiving a single monthly bill that incorporates all maintenance, monitoring, insurance, and financing charges.

This milestone strengthens Nigerian Breweries and CrossBoundary Energy’s 5-year collaboration. Both firms teamed to complete NB Plc’s solar power project in its Ibadan brewery, which was commissioned in 2021.

Hans Essaadi, Managing Director, Nigerian Breweries: ”We are happy to be a pioneer in the deployment of solar energy in Nigeria. These more solar facilities will generate a large amount of our electricity and get us to carbon neutrality. Expanding our renewable energy capabilities will guarantee that Nigeria Breweries delivers on our environmental commitments under our Better A Better World (BABW) Sustainability strategy, and is in accordance with the global Net Zero ambitions set by our parent business HEINEKEN.”

CrossBoundary Energy’s Chief Commercial Officer: “We’re pleased to continue supporting Nigerian Breweries’ sustainability ambitions and to provide cleaner, cheaper power with no upfront investment or technical risk. CrossBoundary Energy is pleased to see NB Ibadan’s flagship project expand, boosting its environmental impact.

Soventix will design and build both solar plants for CrossBoundary Energy, and DHYBRID Power Systems will supply the BESS and hybrid control system. Soventix will operate and maintain both facilities after construction.

Alexandros Aris Papachristou, General Manager, Soventix Nigeria: “We are happy that we, as an Energy Solutions partner for Nigerian Breweries and CrossBoundary Energy, can contribute to Nigerian Breweries’ renewable aspirations.”

The projects will employ 80 locals during construction and at least two dozen while functioning. The projects also enable private direct investment to assist Nigeria’s newly renewed aim to net zero by 2060.

Through financing packages like the one being offered by CrossBoundary Energy, Nigeria’s renewable energy sector can provide much-needed green jobs, harness global capital, increase access to affordable, reliable power for companies, and help Nigeria to fulfill its immense economic potential.


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