Airtel Business Africa, the B2B arm of Airtel Africa, has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Avaya Holdings to better equip businesses across Africa to create seamless customer and employee experiences by giving customers more control and flexibility over their fixed phone service.

Airtel Business Africa will use the Avaya OneCloudTM AI-powered experience platform to assist its enterprise customers as they move to the digital workplace under the terms of the partnership.

Workstream collaboration, contact center, unified communications, and communications platform as a service solution with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, OneCloud UCaaS, and OneCloud CPaaS are all included in the platform, which is combined with Airtel Africa voice services.

Customers of Airtel Africa will be able to purchase vertical-focused, communications-enabled solutions through a simple, 24/7 one-stop-shop and service support, as well as have access to the latest business gadgets, thanks to this joint offering.

The MoU expands on an existing partnership between Airtel and Avaya, which has seen Airtel make the Avaya Spaces workstream collaboration solution available in different African nations via multiple connection routes such as internet, microwave, and fiber.

“Airtel Africa is committed to exploring opportunities and possibilities that will enhance enterprise operations, empower entrepreneurs, and enable more productive and successful organizations. Our existing partnership with Avaya has supported key sectors over the last 18-months, ensuring minimum disruption to everyday business while still supporting economic growth”

“This MoU takes our partnership to a new level that will see us enable enterprises to compete and win in the emerging experience economy.” Luc Serviant, Group Enterprise Director, Airtel Business at Airtel Africa said.

The agreement will also see Airtel Business Africa take part in the recently launched Avaya Experience Builders™ initiative. Avaya Experience Builders globally aligns Avaya’s services, partners, and developers into an ecosystem that delivers next-generation customer and employee experiences. And as part of the initiative, Airtel will leverage and add to Avaya’s rich ecosystem to make it easier for regional businesses to build and deliver experiences that create deeper relationships with their customers.

“Airtel Africa has helped to foster great customer and employee experiences across Africa with its investments in innovation, and we’re proud to be helping Airtel build on that legacy as we work towards an expanded partnership. We can’t wait to see what African businesses, governments, and other organizations can do with the power of Avaya OneCloud as Airtel helps them use the platform to compose effortless experiences for their customers and employees.” Nour Al Atassi, Director, Service Providers – Asia, Middle East & Africa, Avaya, said.


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