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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Israel-Morocco Relations Strengthened As Netanyahu Receives Invitation From King Mohammed VI

Recognition of Western Sahara sovereignty paves way for enhanced ties and disrupts Iran's activities in North Africa.

Catalan Election Debate Attracts Surprising Viewership Amidst Low Interest

TV3 debate garners more than double the viewers of previous debates, raising questions about voter apathy

EFF Calls For Deregistration Of Pro-Israel School In South Africa

Cape Town's United Herzlia Schools face scrutiny over alleged enforcement of Zionism and support for Israeli military.

Algerian Scholar’s Teachings Foreshadow Riots In France

Recent violence in France sparks concerns over rising tensions and anti-French sentiment

IDF Appoints First-ever Military Attache To Morocco

The Israel Defense Forces announced appointment of Col Sharon Itach as Israel's first-ever military attaché to Morocco

Israel Expands Diplomatic Outreach In Africa To Counter Iranian Influence

Israeli Foreign Minister meets senior official from undisclosed African Muslim country

Rabat: Israel To Recognize Moroccan Sovereignty Over Western Sahara

Israel will officially recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara region

Israeli Foreign Minister Visits Kenya For African Union Meeting

Eli Cohen seeks to strengthen ties and address recent diplomatic incident at the African Union

Rare Snowfall Delights Johannesburg Residents

South Africa's largest city experiences first snow in over a decade, creating a winter wonderland

Ugandan Adviser Plans Trade Shows To Boost Exports, Attract Investment

Uganda's Export Vision: $6 Billion Boost by 2028

Uganda’s Odrek Rwabwogo Aims To Transform Trade And Increase Exports

Uganda's Plan to Boost Exports by $6 Billion: No More 'Blind Dates' in Trade

Israeli Surgeons Overcome Power Failure To Save Child’s Life In Ethiopian Surgery

Delegation from Rambam Healthcare Campus adapts quickly and successfully completes procedure during blackout

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